Kanye’s Song About Kim Kardashian Was Leaked

So Kanye West wrote a song about Kim Kardashian two years ago and performed it at the Met Ball, but never released it. Yesterday the song, “Awesome,” was leaked. The track is a combination of classic Kanye-Kim love/narcissism and a throwback to auto-tuned Kanye – I thought we got over that in 2008 after 808s and Heartbreaks. Nobody knows if “Awesome” is going to be on Kanye's new album So Help Me God(Ye), but I can only hope it doesn't make it onto the pre-game playlist. The only good thing about this song is Kanye's lyric: “Baby you're awesome/You don't need to listen to your manager” aka Kris Jenner can stop third wheeling whenever she's ready.



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