Kanye’s New York Fashion Week Show Was A Full Kardashian-Jenner Affair

Kanye West's fashion show at NYFW was yesterday and it was a full Kardashian-Jenner affair. North got hangry and bored as shit – probs going to be a theme in her life – so servant Kris Jenner had to babysit and couldn't watch the show (lol). Kylie modeled Kanye's line, which was nepotism at its finest. Sure our dads might have helped us get an internship, but homegirl got to walk in NYFW. It's a lil different. Kim didn't let any of her family members sit with her because she needed to start “#WangRihCassPuffJayBeyKimAnna.” I can't wait to hear Khloe's perspective on You-Can't-Sit-With-Us-Gate 2015. I'm just surprised Bruce wasn't at NYFW to start picking out a new wardrobe.

Anna Wintour could not look more pissed off about her seat if she tried. 


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