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Kanye’s ‘Fyre Festival’ Brunch Was Even Messier Than We Thought

When Kanye West started doing his Sunday Services earlier this year, I didn’t really pay them much attention. Well, truthfully, I don’t pay that much attention to anything Kanye does these days, because I don’t have the mental energy to get sucked into that vortex of self-absorption. But anyway, his Sunday Services initially seemed kind of mysterious to me. Were non-famous people actually going to them? How did they even find out about it? I thought the Sunday Services were a sort of publicity stunt Kanye did for his famous friends, and I thought they would more or less stop after his Coachella Sunday Service. I’m shocked and dismayed to announce that I was wrong, and the Sunday Services are not only still going on, but they seem to be even bigger than ever. But with more popularity comes higher expectations, and more potentially pissed off fans when an event doesn’t live up to expectations. Over the weekend, a photo of the VIP “brunch” offered at a Sunday Service performance went viral, quickly leading to Fyre Festival comparisons. Thank god; I’ve been waiting for my Fyre Festival kick ever since Woodstock 50 got canceled.

On Friday, Kanye’s Sunday Service crew performed at a fundraiser for Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It took place on Friday, November 1st at 6pm and was called “Brunchella”, which should have been the first clue that it was going to be kind of stupid. The name is cringey, but calling a 6pm event “Brunch” is wild. The event was free, but people could opt into a $55 VIP ticket, which is where the Fyre Festival comparisons come in. One attendee tweeted out a picture of the $55 brunch, which amounted to two measly bacon strips, some pancakes that look like they came pre-frozen in an industrial sized box, and a sausage patty you would find at McDonald’s. It’s not as bad as American cheese on white bread, but it’s not what you’d expect to get for $55.

Predictably, these disappointing breakfast foods created the perfect recipe for Twitter frenzy, with people demanding refunds, clowning Kanye for scamming people, and then clowning the people who paid $55 for anything Kanye related. The news has gotten so big that the catering company who made the brunch felt compelled to release a statement that basically distanced Kanye from responsibility. Lauryn’s Fine Catering, the catering company responsible for the 6pm “brunch”, told The Daily Mail, “Lauryn’s Fine Catering has been contacted about the poor service and quality of food provided during the event as a paid vendor. The catering company acknowledges it did not provide adequate food for ONE attendee and a social media post went viral. Any further inquiries or food complaints associated with the event can be directed to Lauryn’s Fine Catering.” Another video from the brunch shows more of what was going on, and I’m kind of on the fence about it. The food doesn’t look, like, gourmet, but it does look like what you might expect to receive from a catered event with a lot of attendees. I might also feel a bit foolish if I spent $55 on what appear to be hotel scrambled eggs, but it’s not like people were totally misled or left without anything to eat.

Lauryn’s Fine Catering also told TMZ, “Kanye West and the Sunday Service collective should be disassociated with such claims surrounding the food at the event.” TMZ also reports that Kanye did not make money off the $55 brunch, and in fact, did not get paid to perform at the fundraiser and covered travel costs for the Sunday Service performers. So tweeting at Kanye to demand your refund for brunch probably won’t get you anywhere.

But the problems with the event did not end at the brunch. One Twitter user, @retrobeats, claims she paid for VIP and it was basically a scam. She cites a delay in start time, cold food, but the big issue was with the so-called VIP area.

These allegations are… not good. I never pay for VIP at events because I’m broke and like to stand in the back anyway so I don’t get trampled, but if I spent money so I could get a better view of the stage, then got a worse view of the stage than the peasants in GA, I would be demanding a refund as well. To me, the food is actually not the real issue here; the problem is that this event sounds disorganized, as evidenced by the fact that they didn’t even know where to put the people who are supposed to be regarded as Very Important!

Another Twitter user reported that the gate to let people in opened 30 minutes late, Kanye showed up an hour and a half late, and there were issues controlling the huge crowds.

But will VIP ticketholders get a refund? According to the Eventbrite, a company called Affiliate Nation Events was responsible for putting this brunch on, and so far, they have not apologized via social media. The links to A Nation’s social pages on their website just take you to the general homepages for Facebook, Instagram, etc., so I really had to do some digging to find out anything about this company. But I did manage to find the Instagram account of the founder of A Nation’s Instagram, and not only is he not apologizing, he seems to be perfectly happy with how the event went down.

Given how big the event looked, I’m sure there were plenty of people who were satisfied, and probably even thrilled, with the Sunday Service performance. There appeared to have been a sh*t ton of people at Brunchella, and you just can’t make everybody happy. It’s impossible. I love a Fyre Festival comparison as much as the next scam-obsessed millennial, but calling it Fyre Festival feels unfair given that…well… Brunchella actually happened, Kanye actually performed, there were people who enjoyed it, and nobody got stranded in the Bahamas without water. But, that being said, the fact that some attendees’ dissatisfaction has made national news should probably elicit some kind of response that’s a little more sensitive than, “You miserable ppl working for Satan” or “Hypocrites & Spectators with THIER HIGH EXPECTATIONS!”

Customer service aside, we have to remember that the actual concert was free, and the $55 add-on was a fundraiser for the church. I understand feeling disappointed, but are you really going to request a refund for a fundraiser? I feel guilty enough saying no to donating $1 to St. Jude’s at the grocery store.

Images: anation5150 (2) / Instagram; OrlandoFloresJr, retrobeats, muchcontroversy / Twitter