Typical Kanye Peaced Out In The Middle Of His Own Concert

If you were thinking about catching Kanye’s last Saint Pablo show at The Forum last night but stayed home instead, you probably made the right choice. That’s because Kanye straight up walked out of his own concert in the middle of it like nahhhh. About 45 minutes into his show, he announced from his floating stage that he lost his voice and couldn’t go on. And then he had the stage float through a confused and angry audience so he could exit the premises.

Almost immediately everyone started booing, because these hoes ain’t loyal. It was like a sad middle school dance after the lights had come on: nobody has any idea what’s supposed to happen next. After a few minutes everyone started filing out of the venue. Overheard were comments like “I paid $300 for these tickets!” and “What a little bitch!” and that was just from Taylor Swift’s Twitter alone. JK, so Taylor wasn’t there, but Harry Styles apparently was.

Yeah, Harry was casually hanging out at Kanye when all this went down, and any Twitter search for WTF was going on at Kanye was quickly buried in the excited tweets about Harry’s photo from the concert.

Typical Kanye to walk out on his own concert. I mean, we would totally throw a party and then ditch it because we were bored, so we get it. But losing your voice? That seems like something that could have been caught before the show.  Either way, people were disappointed.

On the plus side, the audience did get to see an adorable video Kanye made for Kim’s birthday from her home videos. Kanye posted the video on his Twitter already, but seeing him introduce it as “This is for my wife” and then watching him watch the video along with a packed auditorium was insanely cute. 

Either way, being like “fuck this I’m out” and then literally floating away over the heads of my haters is my new exit goal/strategy.


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