Kanye West Just Met With Donald Trump; This Is Not A Joke

Kanye West went from the hospital to Trump Tower in one week, so don’t let anybody ever tell you a new hairstyle isn’t life-changing.

This morning Kanye met with President-Elect Trump (god, writing that still feels like the world’s worst fan fiction) at Trump Tower to talk about… tbh I have no fucking clue what they talked about. Maybe about their haters? Trump says they discussed “life,” so maybe they should’ve consulted Kylie Jenner about how to realize stuff.

Before Kanye was hospitalized, he declared at a concert that he would have voted for Trump if he had voted in the election. That’s kind of like how you said you wouldn’t even have gone to the party if you had been invited. Like, thanks for the irrelevant hypothetical, now sing “Famous” again plz. Still, Kanye said that “Trump’s approach was absolutely genius because it fucking worked.”

face palm

It’s not that surprising that the two men are friends tho. They both took awards away from qualified women who earned the title by winning more votes than their opponents. I guess history really does repeat itself.

After their meeting, the dynamic duo posed for pics, Trump said they’ve been friends for a long time, and Kanye said he just wanted to take a photo. Real friends, how many of us? That exchange isn’t that different from when Kanye and Kim pose on the red carpet together. Some pundits think that Trump asked Kanye to perform at his inauguration, which seems just crazy enough to be accurate. Let’s just imagine Kanye performing “Gold Digger” on the steps of the US Capitol while Trump takes the oath of office.

Gold Digger

But the most important element of this entire story is that today, December 13, is Taylor Swift’s 27th Birthday. If 2016 has taught me anything, it’s that Kanye “I made that bitch famous” West met with the President-Elect aka the Future Leader of the Free World aka the most powerful man on the planet on the same day as his nemesis’ birthday is not a coincidence. This has Kim Kardashian West pettiness written all over it. Somebody please get that woman a Nobel prize. 


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