Kanye Fucks Up…Again

Kanye is undoubtedly one of the greatest visionaries/assholes of our time. On Friday, he performed in Australia and as is customary, at one point he told the audience to stand up. At first everyone was like “Whoooo yeahhh Kanye let’s stand up!!!!” until it became apparent that he was literally not going to perform until literally everyone was standing. At that point watching the video felt like when Family Guy drags a joke out 2 minutes longer than it needs to be—it stopped being funny and entertaining and it was just like “ok we get it move tf on with the show before I change the channel.

Eagle eye Kanye noticed that 2 people were still sitting, and rather than letting it go he personally called them out like, “There’s 2 people left who don’t wanna stand up,” as if they’re the assholes single-handedly preventing the show from going on. The crowd started chanting “stand up,” prob because chanting “come the fuck on we paid too much money for these tickets and just want the music back on already” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Well, apparently one of the fans had a prosthetic leg and the other was in a wheelchair so….awkward.

Most of the media and your Facebook feed is reacting like Kanye killed a slew of puppies onstage and sacrificed them to Yeezus, Our Lord and Savior. But I watched the whole video and it wasn’t thatttt big of a deal. Once Kanye realized one guy was in a wheelchair he said, “He’s in a wheelchair, it’s fine,” and went back to performing Good Life. Somebody claimed he waited till the fan with the prosthetic waved their leg in the air like they just didn’t care but I must have missed that.

Yes, most normal artists would have moved on a lot sooner but like….it’s Kanye. You get what you pay for. Like, you wouldn’t go to a T-Swift concert and get upset over her awkward dancing so don’t go to a Kanye show and get mad that he does something crazy. And with that, I conclude my unpopular opinions of the day cause all this ranting is gonna give me a headache.



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