JWOWW’s Acting Career Is Off To A Bad Start

So JWOWW from Jersey Shore is starring in this “movie” about a failing record company, which is ironic because the movie must have been made by a failing production company. The trailer was released yesterday, and it's kind of like watching people audition for your middle school production of Bye Bye Birdy.

Tbh Jenny was one of the best people on Jersey Shore (besides Pauly D and Vinny) and it hurts me to see her career take such a nosedive. Like I get that her show with Snooki is ending and her inevitable QVC jewelry line hasn't been announced yet, but this Degrassi meets Empire shit show is so beneath her. It looks like the movie was made with fucking Windows Movie Maker. Seriously, Jersey Shore had a higher production value. Wait until you're done with work and have a glass of wine in your hand before you watch this video.



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