Justin Bobby Is Alive And Well

UsWeekly (People's less successful younger sister) has a “Where Are They Now” series where they pick randos from the early 2000s to see if their lives are a train wreck or not. Last week they chose Justin Bobby – “A man so great he need two names.” Justin dated Audrina Partridge on The Hills, and maybe more importantly, homeboy wore combat boots to the beach. Anyways, Justin is now a hair dresser and owns his own chain of salons. TBT to when he cut Maroon 5's hair. He's also still in a band (generous term). So basically, he's pretty much the same as during The Hills, just older, maybe more grounded, and not pretending that The Hills was reality TV.

He says that he and Audrina shared a real bond even though the show was mostly scripted and they're not on speaking terms. But like, that's probably not much of a loss (see: her tragic blonde hair)


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