Did He Really Just Instagram That?! Selena and Bieber Back Together?

When I look at this picture the voice of Monica Geller immediately goes off in my head, “Is is is that (picture), old or new people, OLD OR NEW!??! Did Justin post this to remind Gomie of the good old days when they would gaze into each other's eyes she would gaze into his eyes while he took selfies or are they really back together? While we completely understand the mind fuck of The One That Won't Go Away you need to get over him, you're like older than him, and he's most likely going to be addicted to crack in the next 1-3 years.

So this probably means that last week’s segway adventure was actually a second-first date. I mean their segway language spoke volumes: he was zooming ahead while she was trailing behind. This barely screams a passionate love reconnection. No support at a all! Is that the kind of man you want Selena? If anything, it speaks to the type of relationship you’ll have in the future. A man who won’t segway beside you on the street won’t stand beside you in life. Write that shit down.


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