The Shady Reason Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Aren't Spending Christmas Together

Since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez got back together this fall, there have been very few details and lots of speculation about the particulars of their relationship 2.0. Well, it sounds like Selena’s family has similar questions, because Justin is reportedly not invited to the Gomez family Christmas. I’d say it’s trouble in paradise, but LOL, their relationship has not been paradise.

Apparently, Selena’s family still isn’t sold on the idea of her being back with Justin, and can you blame them? They had a very public relationship and breakup the first time around, and most moms think Justin is, like, the dumbest person on the planet. That might be a little harsh, but just ask your mom about Justin Bieber, and she will likely scoff before saying something about how he seems immature.

Justin’s family, on the other hand, is reportedly thrilled about Selena being back in the picture, because they really just want Justin to end up with a nice girl. Okay, can we stop this narrative about Selena being a “nice girl”? In the real world, calling someone “nice” is just code for a boring person you know absolutely nothing about, but they’ve never done anything to hurt you. It’s not a fucking personality trait. But yeah, okay, in this context it seems kinda fitting.

So for now, Justin and Selena will have to keep their relationship out of Texas and the presence of Selena’s family. Sounds rough, but honestly, going home for the holidays can be pretty fucking rough too. Justin can just stay in LA and smoke weed with his male lover pastor during Christmas, and then he and Selena can have plenty of fun when she gets back. Sound good, kiddos?