Justin Bieber Can’t Drink Beer

Justin Bieber, king of the fuck boys, can't drink beer. This is the plot twist of the century. This is a kid who is know by police in three different countries as the drunken asshole that endangered a monkey, and he drinks beer slower than your mom at a tailgate.

Much like any bro on his first night pledging a frat, Justin attempted to shot gun a beer. And much like any betch playing a drinking game for the first time, he did a really shitty job at it. It doesn't help that he's wearing a fedora-cowboy hat, or that he's drinking Corona Extra – doesn't he know that Natty never reaches room temperature?

He captioned the video “I lost but I didn't go to college,” which makes sense because we didn't go to college to go to class, we went to learn how to binge drink – that's only half sarcastic. It definitely looks like he almost cries at the end (was the carbonation too much?), so apparently his VMA stunt is his new ~thing. But overall this was a great PR move, because it's the most relatable thing he's ever done.


I lost but I didn't go to college @sammy

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