Justin Bieber Attacks Limo Driver in Toronto

Allegedly Justin Bieber attacked some limo driver from behind while he was driving Biebs and his bros around Toronto at 3am last month. Well now, he's being charged with assault because he, again – allegedly,  hit the limo driver in the back of the head “several times” during the fight, and when the driver stopped to call police Justin ran away. Can't imagine this bodes well for his deportation case. I casually cannot believe Justin Bieber may or may not get deported like my housekeeper from middle school. 

Justin turned himself in last night to face the charges and his lawyer maintains that “tha Biebz is innocent”, verbatim. 

If you're not updated on the latest Justin news like we unfortunately are, we can fill you in. Besides Justin's arrest, he rented out a Miami mansion from a website called Carefreelifestyle.com from January 18th to January 25th for him and his besties paying $4,200 a night with an additional $20,000 security deposit. But when he checked out, they charged him $5K of his security deposit because the entire place reeked so badly that they actually thought it was going to take $5K to clean it. Shit, they should have seen our apartment after our senior year and those idiots only charged us a measly $1K. 

 Source: TMZ


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