Justin Bieber Upset no Mention of a Crush on Bieber in Anne Frank’s Diary: Real World Roundup

The MTV movie awards were last night and despite how much I really hate Quvenzhane Wallis I totally enjoyed the show last night because Rebel Wilson killed it. Then there was that time when Aubrey Plaza tried to steal Will Ferrell's award and we were like, that was weird. Ok so here's what everyone wore. Read article >>

Justin Bieber has been acting douchier than normal lately. He visited Anne Frank's home while in Amsterdam and wrote in the guest book, “I hope Anne Frank would have been a belieber, too.” You're right Justin, she totally would have been like “Dear Diary, I hate Adolf Hitler but I love Justin Bieber. Also, I'm running low on snacks. -A” It's speculated that millions of teen girls across the globe started sending Anne Frank death threats after Justin proclaimed that she 'was a great girl.' Read article >>

Luckily for Lindsay Lohan, everyone's favorite role model Charlie Sheen has opted to give her some rehab advice at none other than the Red Carpet for Scary Movie 5. Charlie is like, such a giver. Read article >>

Perez Hilton takes the little black dress to a whole new level inhis getup to the NewNowNext Awards. Not only do we not know what those awards are but I've never felt so disturbed in my entire life. No one wants to see that shit Perez. Do us all a favor and go back to your jizz doodles. Read article >>


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