Juan Pablo Made a Bizarre Video Montage Dedicated to Nikki

This video is tres weird. Whether this is a stunt pulled by a PR person done for the purpose of saving face(s) of ABC and Juan Pabz or it's actually just Juan Pablo being such a weirdo and like, not abiding by his post-Bachelor-private-life rules, we really don't care because it's so fucking funny. First of all, I can't believe I sat through that entire video. Second, I hate Nikki so much more by the end of it. Third, their chemistry is so minimal that I guarantee that relationship will end in the next 2-3 months. Fourth, he wrote this song, REALLY? I think Juan Pablo single handedly made me hate the entire Spanish language. Last, Juan Pablo's selfie face:

I don't know what or why or how but he makes himself look even more stupid than he already is, which is very difficult to do. 

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