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Karma's A Madison Rouge Alvarado: Everything To Know About JoJo Siwa's New GF

Can JoJo Siwa ~spice things up~ and have Madison Rouge Alvarado on her podcast? I’d love to know all the relationship tea immediately. According to undeniable evidence (Daily Mail photos), my favorite Disney adult and fellow dancer Madison are an item now. I guess this means Madison’s already been vetted by JoJo’s security team and signed an NDA. The romance! It’s been about a year and a half since JoJo had an extremely messy breakup with influencer Avery Cyrus, so I’m thrilled to see the Dance Moms alum happy.

Personally, I can’t get “Karma” or “Choose Ur Fighter” out of my head,so I guess that makes me a JoJo fan. At the very least, I’m fascinated by her love life lore, so this news is very exciting; I had no choice but to look into the blossoming romance myself. Who is Madison, you ask? What’s the deal with her and JoJo? After a thorough internet investigation, here’s everything I know about JoJo’s new GF, Madison Rouge Alvarado, and their rumored relationship.

All About JoJo Siwa’s New Girlfriend, Madison Rouge Alvarado

JoJo Siwa Appears To Be Dating Madison Rouge Alvarado

On May 30, JoJo and Madison were spotted making out at LAX airport in Los Angeles, which kinda seems like an unofficial relationship confirmation. Yes… our Bad Girl who did some Bad Things is giving Lover Girl at the moment. 

Madison’s also been spending quality time with the Siwa fam recently. She apparently attended JoJo’s now-infamous 21st birthday bash at Disney World (the one where the vocalist of our generation pretended to be drunk.) JoJo’s parents, Tom and Jessalynn, and her brother Jayden were there for that scandalous Disney celebration, so they got the chance to bond with JoJo’s new girl. Given the “Karma” queen’s habit of moving quickly with GFs, this 100 percent checks out.

JoJo Judged Madison On So You Think You Can Dance

Jodison probably met last winter on the set of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance — JoJo was a judge and Madison was a contestant on season 18. In the finale, Madison won third place and JoJo had some kind words for her future lady. “In between takes you were in pain, but during the takes you would have never known,” she said at the time. “And that, as a dancer, [motions strength]. Also, in So You Think You Can Dance, it’s very rare for someone to go the entire season without being in the bottom. And you have done that.” Aww. We love a classic judge-contestant to lovers arc. I shall be impatiently awaiting a hard launch.

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