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Choose Ur Fighter: A Breakdown Of The JoJo Siwa And Anneliese Van Der Pol Beef

Another day, another feud involving the one and only Bad Girl Who Did Some Bad Things, JoJo Siwa. At least this one doesn’t involve any of her exes! Say what you want about her music, but you gotta give this girl credit for always keeping us entertained. The former Dance Moms star seems to have some new bad blood with That’s So Raven and Raven’s Home actress Anneliese van der Pol. (Anneliese played Raven Baxter’s bestie, Chelsea Daniels, on the Disney Channel masterpiece.)

JoJo initiated the beef in a TikTok comment, of course. Anneliese has since responded multiple times and I’m patiently waiting to see how the conflict progresses. If you’re not totally caught up on JoJo comments, the Big Name Bitches podcast, and Anneliese’s TikToks, where have you been? But it’s okay; I shall guide you through this thrilling journey. Here’s a full breakdown of the JoJo Siwa and Anneliese van der Pol drama.

JoJo Siwa And Anneliese Van Der Pol Beef Explained

JoJo Siwa Called Out Anneliese Van Der Pol On TikTok


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Basically, Anneliese has her own beef with Raven-Symoné, That’s So Raven, and Raven’s Home. The actress has previously claimed that she was fired from both shows… messy. In a petty May 17 TikTok, she laughed in response to the news that Raven’s Home was getting canceled and that video now has over two million views.

JoJo, who’s friendly with Raven-Symoné, mocked Anneliese in the comments section. “Six seasons, and now a spin off.. I think they’re doing just fine,” the “Karma” singer wrote. “Also, look at your account… your highest views come from talking about the show/raven as well.” Am I… agreeing with JoJo Siwa? This is a weird sensation.

Anneliese Van Der Pol Responded To JoJo Siwa’s Comment


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Anneliese has now responded to JoJo’s comment twice — on the Big Name Bitches podcast, which she co-hosts with Kim Possible alum Christy Carlson Romano, and in a TikTok. On the podcast, Christy brought up JoJo’s comment and Anneliese claimed that she hadn’t seen the comment itself but noticed people talking about it online. “I was like, what’s JoJo?” the actress said. “I truly was like, JoJo Rabbit? I have no idea what people are talking about.” The sass!

Naturally, she then posted a response video. Anneliese used the audio, “I was in rehab at, like, 15, and I feel like this was not my biggest issue,” and captioned her video, “When JoJo Siwa trolls you on TikTok.” Clearly, she’s very unbothered.

JoJo has not yet responded to Anneliese’s responses, but *whispers* I kinda hope she does.

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Ilana Frost
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