Joe Giudice Spotted Out With Another Woman

It’s been four short months since Teresa Giudice started doing her time, but that appears to be time enough for her husband, Joe, to start seeking out the attention he is obviously lacking at home. Joe was spotted dining with a mystery woman at a seafood restaurant in Newark in late April. Not sure why the photos are just now surfacing, but due to the fact that Joe could pass as the average New Jersey middle-aged male, it might have taken a while for people to realize who it was.

There’s no word on who this woman is, but after inspecting the blurry photo, one is quick to notice that she has corn rows on the right side of her head. This could mean two things: he was escorting one of Gia’s friends to her junior prom, or, he was being escorted himself. There isn’t anything necessarily incriminating about the photos, but being familiar with Joe’s cave man constitution, that situation could go from 0-100. Real quick.

The timing of this incident leads us to ask bigger questions. Has Teresa finally found a prison wife and given Joe the go-ahead? What does Rosie think about Joe’s dinner companion? Is Milania terrorizing the babysitter while her dad is off wining and dining the classy ladies of Newark, New Jersey?

OK, maybe we are making too many judgments here. For all we know, this woman could be a kind-hearted English teacher who has selflessly volunteered her time to help Joe learn how to read or maybe she’s a talented psychic and trying the whole Whoopi Goldberg from Ghost thing where she channels Teresa so Joe can have a night out with his incarcerated wife. Whatever her role is, it looks shady as fuck and Joe better be happy he’s headed straight to jail once Teresa gets out. Prison wife or not, that bitch doesn’t handle betrayal very well.




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