Joe Biden Gives Some Weird Ass Advice And Other Political News

The king of word vomit, Joe Biden, gives some advice 

“Assume every microphone is on.” That was the advice Vice President Joe Biden gave around 200 cyclists riding in a charity bike race this weekend. As you may be aware, Biden, aka every betch’s drunk uncle, is well known for his word vomit, including comments about all Indian families running 7-Elevens and referring to Obamacare as a “big fucking deal.” One of the speakers announcing the bike race joked about his “big fucking deal” comment which prompted him to share this useful, but totally irrelevant for those participating in a biking event, piece of advice. I'm sure Donald Sterling can agree with him on this one. Biden also made sure to take a selfie because, you know, pics or it didn’t happen (or maybe because he wanted to prove to Obama that he actually showed up. I guess we’ll never know). Read article >>


The White House blows CIA agent’s cover

The White House casually blew the cover of the chief CIA agent in Afghanistan. The name was leaked when the White House gave a list of officials meeting with the president to reporters. Realizing their mistake, they quickly sent out a revised version of the list with the one name removed because, you know, that totally wouldn’t raise any red flags for a group of experienced journalists. While the agent’s name has not been published, this is a still a giant fucking fail on the part of the White House. To avoid any potential attacks by the Taliban (ever heard of them?) the CIA official is now going to have to flee Afghanistan, if he hasn’t done so already. And you thought your day at work was shitty. Read article >>

White House science fair brings out Obama’s “inner nerd”

On Monday the White House held its annual science fair. This year’s event put special emphasis on getting young women more involved in science and technology and even included an appearance by OG Science Bro, Bill Nye the Science Guy. This event, and Obama’s remarks about it, also seemed to highlight the fact that the president was a little nerdy back in the day. So if the fact that Obama is a skinny Harvard grad who spent most of his life going by “Barry” wasn’t enough to tip you off on that, there’s your proof. Read article >>


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