J.J. Watt Off the Market?

Is Houston Texans defensive end and heartthrob J.J. Watt off the market?

Watt was seen courtside at Monday's NCAA Tournament Championship cheering for the Badgers next to tennis star Caroline Wozniacki.

It makes sense why J.J. was in attendance. He played college football for the Badgers before becoming one of the highest paid football players in the NFL. Is Wozniacki a fan, too? Or is there love in that Wisconsin air?

Wozniacki was famously engaged to one of golf's hottest champions, Rory McIlroy, until he very publicly broke it off six months ago. And if she's looking for a rebound, she's certainly scoring with J.J.

Both parties are staying mum about their possible relationship status. But as every betch knows, social media tells all.

Caroline tweeted this the morning after the big game:



Watt has long said that he's too busy with football for a girlfriend, but that the “right girl” could change his mind. Lucky bitch.


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