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There are celebrity crushes we have because the women are gorgeous with hottie husbands ie Victoria Beckham, and there are women we’re obsessed with because they’re fucking hilarious ie Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. Ever so often we come across famous women that somehow struck gold in the gene / personality pool and manage to be smokeshows WITH a fantastic personality. We’ve already featured Chrissy Teigen, who is not only a model married to John Legend, but a 10/10 when it comes to entertainment on social media. Now we turn our attention to a Southern Belle that has taken the world by storm for her stunning features, sexy husband, and down to earth, relatable personality that we all love, and only hate because we want to be her: Jessie Decker.



Vivi givin kisses… Many babies give kisses like open mouth birdies. So dada is emulating that. So cute!!!

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Jessie Decker (previously Jessie James) is a twenty six year old country singer and song writer / TV personality that made a name in music, but continues to make a well known life for her happenings outside of the recording studio. In 2013 Jessie married former Broncos and now Jets wide receiver Eric Decker, whose picture is featured if you look up tall, dark and handsome in Webster dictionary. Besides being a knockout on the field, you can’t help but melt over his posts adoring his wife and daughter Vivianne on a daily basis. While Jessie shows the world how she cooks southern grub for her man all the time, she’s also seen posting pictures of him doing yard work with captions such as “sugar dick,” further enhancing her real world swag. Couple pics of them range from the prince and princess fairy tail “foot pop” kiss at a swanky event to her licking his face on an airplane. Overall, you can’t help but respect and religiously stalk how normal and entertaining their relationship really is.



Eating some salad

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I wish I could say Jessie Decker was only fun to look at with her luscious hair tied in a bandana, bold eyebrows and winning smiling, but there’s even more to have a lady boner over. She’s hysterical. She’ll post selfies shoving food in her mouth, she has no hesitation to Tweet about forgetting to wear a bra in public, and bodily functions are not beyond her topics to discuss with fans. Some of her pictures on Instagram include her posing in bed with absolutely no makeup on, strutting around Target in sweatpants and Uggs, and rocking dresses from Forever 21.  Jessie Decker has made a life, a living, and an empire out of the genuine and carefree way in which she interacts with fans. She is so open and transparent with what she’s doing, what she thinks, and bringing back the idea that some celebrities are normal humans that shop at Walmart and don’t post ass shots in a serious manner.



Romance is key

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She can be found via her Twitter, Instagram, Makeup and Hair tutorials, as a host to Redneck Island on CMT, on her television show Eric and Jessie: Game On on E!, selling her hair care products, and even debuting her new swimsuit line. Unlike some celebrities who made their names through sex tapes, DUIs and wealthy parents, Jessie made her name through hard work in the music industry, and expanded her loyal following by being herself and convincing us she totally eats ice cream right out of the carton and forgets to shave her knees like the rest of us (she just does it looking flawless with no make up on, with a dime husband and adorable daughter next to her). So for you Jessie, there’s just love, and only hate that we’re not you. Keep on doing you, and we’ll keep tagging our friends in envy on social media.


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