Jennifer Lawrence’s Celebrity Crush Is…Larry David?

In her recent Vanity Fair interview JLaw confessed to having a crush on Larry David. I mean it’s an interesting choice, but for real I’m pretty sure JLaw was just fucking with us. Like, she’s probably trying to show up the people who say Chris Martin is too old for her by being like, but he’s not as old as this guy!  Seriously, after comparing Chris Martin to Larry David, Chris looks like a teenager.

Awkwardly enough Larry’s response was to call this proclamation “flattering” – just as he would call any other fan or any other girl he was blowing off at temple, but basically he said he couldn’t see himself dating her because she’s a child.  I mean, that never stopped Hugh Hefner but kudos to Larry for not being creepy. In the meantime Jlaw can certainly keep her head up, as I’m certain there’ll be plenty of funny old guys who’ll want to hit on her now that they know she’s looking. Watch out, Morgan Freeman!


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