Jenna Bush Hager Proclaims White House Roof As Most Awesome Make Out Spot



Jenna Bush Hager – President George W. Bush's daughter – hooked up with her husband on the roof of the White House. Jenna is easily the betchiest first daughter ever, sorry Sasha and Malia. She was arrested a couple times in college for underage possession of alcohol and trying to buy vod with her fake – classic. But obvi she didn't get in trouble for anything because her dad was President of the United States (ever heard of it?). Her husband is an associate member of the Lucky Sperm Club – his dad was the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and worked in the Department of Education while Jenna's dad was President.

Anyways, Jenna decided for some bizarre reason to go on Andy Cohen's Bravo Show “Watch What Happens Live.” She said there was “hanky-panky” (vom) because apparently it's 1933 and that word can be thrown around in casual conversation. She tried to be subtle, but eventually said she and her husband kissed on the White House roof.

True Story: Jenna used the White House roof as her make out spot during college.


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