Jay-Z Is Borderline Bribing People To Buy Tidal

Jay-Z is really trying to make Tidal happen so he's been calling people who buy it. ICYMI, Tidal is basically Spotify but you have to pay more money for it, Taylor Swift sans 1989 is on it, and Jay-Z's famous friends are really into it. Muscians fucking love Tidal because they get more money when people listen to their songs.

IDK, in a world where YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify all still exist, I'm not paying $10 just so I can watch Jay-Z's music video for Glory unless he'll personally call me for a chat. What a brilliant business strategy – it's basically a free way of making people buy your shit. I would pay a whole lot more to hear him say “haha you're crazy for this one Jay.” But if they were really smart, they'd have Beyonce making those phone calls.




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