Jax Taylor Unfollowed One Of His 'VPR' Costars On Instagram

Every teenage girl has their petty moment where they unfollow someone on social media. I remember mine quite vividly: I was caught drinking a mixture of Vitaminwater and three different types of liquor in the bathroom during winter formal with a couple of girls. Obviously we got in trouble. Then a certain SOMEONE *cough Annie cough* said she had no idea that I handed her a bottle that was actually full of alcohol even though she yelled “LET’S GET WHITE GIRL WASTED” before she chugged most of it. So Annie aired me out to the headmaster of our school and said I got her drunk without her consent. She got three days suspension, and I got an entire quarter off from school and had to be homeschooled Cady Heron style. Obviously, I unfriended her and she friended me a million times until I finally gave in. So not only do you betches get to witness another tile in the rich mosaic that is my troubled teen years, but I also get to air out the girl who aired me out. Karma isn’t just a Waka Flocka Flame banger, my friends. It’s a legitimate concept with consequences.

(Also P.S. Annie and I are cool now.)

All that is to say, Jax Taylor is known (at least among the members of my group chat and secret Vanderpump Rules Facebook groups) for his social media activity that rivals that of a teenage girl. So in case any of you haven’t noticed (which is probably most of you who have jobs and/or lives), Jax Taylor unfollowed Ariana Madix on Instagram. Why, you ask? Well, it could be related to the fact that in last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Jax found out that Tom and Ariana were saying that maybe Jax is still shaken up by his dad’s death, could possibly get bored with his engagement to Brittany, and would thusly return to his sociopathic ways. I mean, they might have a point, given that Jax thinks the definition of being a gentleman is making his girlfriend a sandwich and buying her tampons.

If you watched the Ariana and Stassi birthday episode, you know that Jax and Tom hashed it out at Stassi and Ariana’s birthday party and seemingly made up. I gotta say, Sandoval kinda bitched out and was a little too nice to Jax about the fact that he will never change. Ariana, on the other hand? We haven’t seen her confrontation with Jax yet. But we did, however, notice that Jax unfollowed her on social media. She didn’t unfollow him back, but she did take a jab at him on Twitter.

Ariana takes sketch comedy verrrrry seriously, so she knows when things are “comical.”

In all seriousness, first off, it makes no sense that Ariana would be jealous of an engagement, since she’s said repeatedly over the course of many seasons that she never wants to get married. But can we also talk about the fact that Jax liked a comment that calls Ariana a “lesbian” as an insult? That’s not cool. Then again, this is the guy that spread rumors about his own girlfriend and Kristen having sex just so he could get attention, so I don’t know what I expected.

I decided to dig even further to see who from the Vanderpump cast Jax even follows on Instagram. Not super surprisingly, he follows everyone except Billie Lee, Scheana, Ariana, James, and Raquel. But what is interesting, though? He still follows Sandoval. So even though Ariana and Sandoval were both talking about Jax’s engagement, he only seems to take issue with Ariana? It’s like he has a problem with women having opinions or something, LOL. Also, like, except for Billie (who Jax just doesn’t seem super close with) and Ariana, everyone else on this list of non-follows are people Jax openly expresses disdain for. So I’ve got to wonder what Ariana did to land herself on Jax’s sh*t list. Is one vote of no confidence in his “changed persona” all it takes? Did she say something else that we haven’t been shown? Then again, is being unfollowed on social media by Jax Taylor really that big of a blow? Do I need a hobby? The answer to those last two questions are no and yes, respectively.

Whether or not Jax is overreacting or displaying misogynistic tendencies is yet to be seen. But if you ask me, the lamest one in this situation is Lala. No, that wasn’t a typo. Here’s why: Pretty much everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that this whole “I’m a new person” storyline is all an act on Jax’s end, but Lala didn’t need to go behind Ariana and Tom’s back and tell Brittany and Jax about it. This chick acts like she’s all loyal and gangster, but wasn’t it one of the rules in Biggie’s “Ten Crack Commandments” not to be a snitch? Just like my mom said when I got caught drinking in the girl’s bathroom, “The real loser in this situation is the person who was lame enough to rat you out.”

Images: ariana2525 / Twitter

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