Jax Taylor Saw Younes Bendjima At The Gym And Had No Chill About It

As you can probably tell from 90% of the stuff I write on this site, I spend most of my waking hours thinking about celebrities. It’s just a way of life at this point. These days, there’s nothing that gets me more excited than an unexpected celeb connection. Lindsay Lohan hanging out with Tiffany Trump in Mykonos? Sign me up. Miley Cyrus’ little sister Noah dating a SoundCloud rapper whose entire persona is based on Xanax? I’m obsessed. But today, my friends, the celeb connection tea is exceptionally good: Jax Taylor and Younes Bendjima go to the same gym, and Jax has absolutely no chill about it.

And how do we know this? Of course, because Jax saw Younes at the gym and immediately posted an Insta story about it. Here it is, in all its glory:

Let me begin by pointing out that Jax has no clue how capitalization works or how to spell Fiji. Whether it’s the delicious artesian water, the island nation in the South Pacific, or the #1 try-hard frat in America, it’s just never spelled Figi. Also, just to be petty, Diamond Water is something completely different. AND it was started by one of the girls on Shahs of Sunset, which airs on the same network as Vanderpump Rules, so I’m just disappointed in Jax. (Also disappointed in Younes for not having a reusable water bottle #savetheturtles.)

All of my gripes about Jax’s limited knowledge of premium bottled water brands aside, I’m living for the messiness of this Insta story. Here’s the thing. Among real celebrities, I feel like there’s a sort of unspoken code about how you don’t roast your fellow famous people without good reason. Like, if you’re a reality TV star at the gym in West Hollywood and you see another person with over a million followers on Instagram, you’re supposed to just nod your head in their direction and go back to staring at yourself in the mirror. Not Jax Taylor!

Instead, Jax did what us normal people do: pretend we’re taking a selfie so we can actually creepily take a photo of someone more interesting. (Now I’m having a flashback to the time that I tried to take a stealthy photo of a couple going to second base on the subway and the flash was on. After several months of soul-searching, my embarrassment is starting to subside, thanks for asking.) I really don’t have a problem with the fact that Jax took the photo, but the caption is definitely kind of mean. Like, all Younes wants to do is waste a few hours scrolling through his phone at the gym, and Jax is fully making fun of him for getting dumped. I’m sure that Younes isn’t thrilled that he doesn’t get to use Kourtney’s beautiful private gym anymore, but just let him be.

Wait, why am I acting surprised that Jax did something questionable? I never learn.

Really, I highly doubt that Younes will ever see this Insta story. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’s into watching stories, and he probably has no clue who Jax Taylor is. Also, I’m sure he’s way too busy with…wait, what does Younes actually do? Sounds like another investigation for another day.

Images: @mrjaxtaylor / Instagram

Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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