Jana Duggar Is Leaving 19 Kids And Counting

We all knew this day was coming, but reality TV's most famous family/cult is finally falling apart. Jana, the oldest Duggar, has decided to leave the show because she's fucking sick of literally being a babysitter 24/7. Jana is almost 25, so really it's impressive that she stuck around for this long. If I have to spend more than a week at home I'm ready to shoot someone, so staying for 24 years is no small feat.

There's also a low key possibility that Jana is being shunned because she's not already married with kids, because some of her younger siblings are way ahead of her in that department. What I'm really hoping is that she'll start dating Jon Gosselin and then they can get another TLC show called “Jon Minus Kate Minus Eight Plus Jana” or some bullshit. No word on Jana's next move, but we wish her luck in escaping the Duggar cult.


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