Jamie Lynn Spears Got Into a Knife Fight at Pita Pit

Clearly Jamie Lynn has been sticking to the Spear’s all-carb diet because she managed to break up a fight with a large, pita-cutting knife this week at her local Pita Pit. I’m sure you have just as many questions as we do. We’ll start with why is there a brawl going down in a Pita Pit? I’ve honestly never been to one but it sounds like a nice place to go when you’re docile and high, so I don’t really know what that leaves to fight about. Were the guys fighting just like “Who dafuq brought Zoey 101 into this?” It’s pretty Spears-like to bring a knife to a fistfight, just like it is to bring a brown-bagged Coors Light to a baby shower. We just hope Jamie got her Chicken Caesar pita safe and sound and made it home in time to watch Pawn Stars.



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