Ja’mie King’s Most Quotable Lines From Last Night

Last night's ep of Private School Girl showed Ja'mie in exhibiting way too many items on our betch list to handle. First she spent a week as the delusional dater, then got in a serious betch brawl with the bitch who “stole” her boyfriend, and finally entered phase 1 of the breakup betch with her decision to dress slutty to try to win Mitchell back. Because if I've ever seen people in love, it's these two. 


Unfortunately our little breakup betch was not in top form last night, probs because she was so depressed. But here's a few quotes that we could appreciate amidst the sobs from the quichest tear ducts we know.

“Kwami, get in my room. And no offense dad, you're a massive bastard”

“It's so random I never even fart”


“I'm not talking to you lezlord, why don't you lick your own vagina because you like doing it so much”


“My mom reckons I have the black dog. Which is like every time I think of something happy I turn it into a black dog. Like thats just me looking at the wall, and I can't even look at the wall without seeing sad things. And I've had a few suicide attempts.”


“I stole my mom's antidepressants. I've been trying them out. But they're not really working.”


“The thing that I'm most pissed off about is like dance assessment, she really fucked me up and now I'm not going to get the 99. And dad's not gonna get me the BMW. And my life might as well be fucking over.”


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