Ja’mie King’s Best Quotes from Last Night

“So what I thought I'd do was grab like an actual povo African out of their community, and do something like really compassionate for them.”


“This is Kwami, he's from Uganda, it's in Africa, and it's really adorbs. I've been spending time with his community, a povo area in the western suburbs and I've been like reading to him and just chilling and stuff. It's legit a seriously tragic environment.”


“This is the oval…this is where all the seniors hang out except for Asians…and all the little groups sit around. Basically the hotter and more important you are, the closer you are to the center of the oval, so we're dead center.”


“We don't have any black girls here…but we have Indian girls…are you into Indian girls? I don't really like them, they smell.”


“He can't really understand English that well…but he understands me, because we overcame the language barrier”


“I want Coke Zeros, in a glass, on a tray, in my room in 5 minutes”


Ja'mie: Mom, get back inside, get out of the party! I told you, no parents allowed! Get inside!

Ja'mie's mom: I'm just handing out some food Jamie

Ja'mie: I don't care! Give it to the African, make him hand it out seriously, you're embarrassing the shit out of me!

“Why the fuck would I invite you! I don't even like you!”


“Fucking go back to your farms bitches!”


“I'm just changing my Facebook stuatus…so we could make it Facebook official…you and me, we just hooked up”


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