Ja’mie King’s Best Quotes from Private School Girl Last Night

Obviously Ja'mie King killed it again last night on Private School Girl. Sure some evil bitch in year 8 has serious YouTube blackmail on her but we have a feeling this won't be a problem for long. Here were our favorite quotes from last night's episode. Only time will tell which ones will become the new quotables like “Formals give povo people something to live for.” It's hard to replicate that shit.


“The headmaster totally gets off on talking to me…I'm giving him what he wants.”


“I know I'm quiche…don't be jeal it doesn't suit you.”


Ja'mie's friend: Ja'mie, are we inviting everyone to the party?

Ja'mie: Everyone but Asians and boarders, obviously.


“My dance solo is such a big deal, it's worth like 50 percent of my overall dance mark. So like I'm aiming for a score of 99 bc I wanna get into PR at Uni next year and do like events and stuff…well not next year, I'm actually taking my gap year, I'm gonna do AIDS work in Africa, it's really bad over there and stuff. And um, yeah, so like the other thing I wanna do next year is like modeling, like focus on modeling, and because I'll be in Africa I probably won't be eating much food, so like if I do the portfolio photo shoot I'll probably be looking really hot.”


“Erin Walker is this boarder, and she is seriously no offense, such a dumb bitch. She's pretty much a confirmed lesbian, she's severely overweight, and she's like a massive suck…She comes from this town, and she was on the news last year, because the town flooded and umm like a guy died or something, and she claims that she like saved the town. Like there was a thing on the news, and Erin was like filling up sandbags trying to like stop the river bank from killing people and it was like so ridiculous…and then we had this assembly and everyone applauded and she like cried, it was so ridic. She needs to stop going on about herself and start thinking about losing some weight.”


“All of you bitches, do not laugh, or you get Fridays…at least I wrote the song, all you've got is a flat chest and chin acne.”


“I have a way of being able to like draw guys in. Number one rule when you're with a guy, be yourself, don't be fake, guys hate it….And you know, like if guys are really into sport, ask them about the sport they're into, pretend to be into it too.”


“One of the most important things is to let guys know who you really are. Guys love it when you tell them everything. They want to know what you're all about.”


“Obviously I'm going to get the Hillford medal. I mean who else would you give it to?


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