James Lively-Reynolds Has Some Epic Godparents

ICYMI Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had a baby girl named James this year. As one of the best celebrity couples in the game right now (sorry Nick and Vanessa Lachey, maybe next year) James' future looks bright as fuck – let's book her Vogue cover now. Even though homegirl can't sit up by herself yet, her life just got another major blessing: Her godparents are Amber Tamblyn, America Ferrera, and Alexis Bledel aka the Sisterhood of the mother fucking Traveling Pants. My 12 year old self has died and gone to Delia*s heaven.

The Sisterhood was the ultimate group of betches in training. Bridget lost her virginity to her soccer coach on a beach in Mexico – goals. Lena went abroad as a junior in high school, dated the hottest Greek man known to man, and taught us it was okay to take nude photos if they were kind of artsy. Tibby was the shadiest betch of all time (see: her rants about her shitty younger siblings) and said what we were all thinking about the other girls whining. Carmen was the shittiest character, and tbh I skipped through all of her parts in the books so idk whats up with her – not everyone can be a winner.

Anyways, that's the dream team friend group. There's no way that James doesn't become queen of the human race – her genes and godparents are just too good. The photos of her first birthday party will be the best thing Earth has seen since Amazon Prime, mostly because Beyonce and Martha Stewart will be there and the photos will have the perfect filter. James Lively-Reynolds is one lucky betch.


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