James Franco Made Toby From PLL Take A Shirtless Selfie In Bed With Him

According to the Daily Mail, James Franco made Keegan Allen aka big foreheaded Toby from Pretty Little Liars take a shirtless selfie in bed with him in order to come out 'blow up Twitter.' Toby, who knows James because they worked together on the movie Palo Alto was 'just visiting' him on the set of his broadway show Of Mice and Men. Then Toby claims that James was 'teaching him how to do the best selfie in bed and then he climbed in really quickly and he was like, “Let's blow up Twitter for a second.”'

Well this sounds like the beginning of the straightest love story ever told. James captioned the selfie on Instagram as 'BED SELFIE WITH KEEGAN ALLEN!!!!! TIME TO GO NUTS!!!!' Now I'm not sure if this was actually an effort to make Ashley Benson jealous or if James Franco is just smoking so much peyote that he doesn't realize that uploading half-naked pictures of himself on Instagram and then having to remove them is becoming a daily routine for him.


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