Jack’s Wife Freda: Is A Betch Who Brunches

Jack's Wife Freda Rating: 7

Food: 2.0

Service: 2.5

Atmosphere: 2.5

We went to Jack's Wife Freda for a business lunch and I totally forgot about it until I wrote about it right now. Nonetheless, this is a great little cute spot for brunch as you can always find something you like. The only bitch is that they don’t take reservations so there's always going to be a wait. This doesn’t make much sense because there's no fucking waiting area. Earth to Jack, get your wife Freda's friends a place to wait for their table where they're not knocking shit over and being stepped on by waiters. 

The Crowd

At Jack's Wife you'll mostly find young betches brunching but feel free to take your grandma here after going shopping in Soho. The crowd is chic Sohoians in cute hats and their gay bffs with a touch of JAB. Overheard while at brunch: “I’d rather be poor and have a chanel bag” … “OMG my picture got 100 likes, I am so excited.”

The Atmosphere

This place is very quaint. It reminds me of a Mom and Pop diner run by hipsters. Inside is basically a room with tables (fucking duh), and the middle is a large ass picnic table. If the weather is good you should definitely wait outside.  The outdoor seating is great for people watching and pics of the dog after you force feed him your leftovers. Unfortunately there's only like two outdoor tables. 

Is it instagram friendly? Yes. Great lighting. Eating outside is really chic for Instagrams when the weather is nice.

Is there a chance I’ll run into a celebrity? Doubtful seeing as most celebs prefer not to accidentally elbow the people sitting at the table next to them at brunch. But if you consider fashion bloggers celebrities, then yeah you might see some here. 

Heels: Nah. 

Good for: Brunch with anyone you know, especially your gay bestie. 

Neighborhood: Soho

Price: $$

The Food

Greek Salad – Was literally JUST okay. If you love kale you’ll love this. If you're just pretending to like kale like a normal person you’ll want to have like have 2 bites and then eat the rest of the just okay fries from the avocado toast.

Photo courtesy of foursquare.com

Mediterranean Breakfast  – Delicious and pretty fucking healthy: Two eggs any style, chopped salad, labne which is greek yogurt, avocado and pita bread. You won’t even have to spin anything off later. Talk about win-win.

Poached Eggs with Grilled Tomato and Haloumi –  A slightly less healthy version of the Mediterranean Breakfast due to cheesy goodness.Tthis is not amazing for Instagram because it looks like two testicles on a plate but it was actually amazing. Perfectly poached eggs… and I’d never talk shit about melted cheese.


Avocado Toast Sandwich – Their version of avocado toast and is anything but glamorous because it all just looked like mush. I mean we LIKED, but there are other things we liked more such as the eggs. Perhaps we just have high aesthetic standards for our avocado toast… it didn’t help that the fries looked and tasted decent at best.

Chicken Kebab – This was up there in our faves. Comes with couscous, a Mediteranean style salad, and tender pieces of chicken on a kebab. The best part was the sauce which was their house pesto. If you like simple but tasty and you’re not a fucking vegetarian I'd go with this.

Gluten Free Options

Fish and Kale, Tuna Salad, Greek Salad. The Gluten Free breakfast options are any of the items without bread except the Madame Freda, all sandwiches without bread, and the roasted tofu with spaghetti squash.

Restaurant Info

Jack's Wife Freda

224 Lafayette St, Manhattan, NY 10012

Phone: (212) 510-8550


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