J.R. Smith: Betchy Athlete Of The Week

J.R. Smith isn't the best player in the NBA. He isn't the best-looking, either. But he certainly has the best game.

Smith got traded to the Cavaliers back in January, but he peaked as a bro with his former team, the Knicks. But he still remains a horny legend on social media.

The genius of J.R. Smith was first released on the world when one female fan slid into his DMs. He slid back, hard.

She obviously put him on blast. But he didn't care, and posted this picture on Instagram. A man with a sense of humor, and a fantastic collection of pipes.




A photo posted by JR Smith (@teamswish) on

Then there was this moment, when he asked the people of New York to go ride bikes and take Instagram pictures with him.

On Valentine's day, the man, myth and legend donned a fur vest to try and seduce every mother and child in Cleveland.



Smith has a #MCM? Look no further than the mirror.



Oh it is #MCM huh oh okay! #ME #Duh

A photo posted by JR Smith (@teamswish) on


Guys have a girlfriend? Not for long, because she wants J.R.



How ya #WCW be up on me! #DamnYoGetOff lmfao

A photo posted by JR Smith (@teamswish) on


And if you're lucky, you could even “by” his heart.



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