It’s Getting Ridiculous: There are SIX New Frappuccino Flavors

The Starbucks Gods have smiled upon us.

Today, Betch place of worship, Starbucks, released six new “Fan Flavors” to expand your palate and waistline this summer.

Red Velvet Cake, Cotton Candy, Cinnamon Roll, Lemon Bar, Caramel Coco Cluster and Cupcake are not the names of strippers or EDM dance moves. Those are the new flavors and TBH, they sound delicious.

Each one has like 1000 calories so if you're going to try one, that might be your meal for the day, but whatever. It's probably totally worth it to enjoy the tastegasm that is Caramel Coco cluster unless of course you plan on being in a bikini in the next 6 months in which case I'd stay far, far away. 

You can vote to keep your fave starting June 19th at, otherwise they'll be gone or put on some dumb secret menu after June 30th.

Happy frapping, Betches.


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