It's About To Get Romantic Up In Here: Weekly Horoscopes March 25-29

Dare I say it but…spring is….here? The sun is out. The birds are chirping. Our collective seasonal depression is slowly but surely melting away, like that last patch of ice that lives in perpetual shadow at the bottom of your staircase, threatening the return of winter at any given moment.

But right now those threats feel empty and spring feels real and this week feels hopeful. Which makes sense—as Venus enters Pisces this week, we’re all going to be riding that springtime high. How will your newfound optimism manifest? Find out in our weekly horoscopes.


It’s no secret that you’re an active gal, Aries, and why shouldn’t you be? It’s your season, you’re in the prime of your life, and at any given moment you’re operating off enough natural energy to power a nuclear power plant. It’s in your nature to be constantly on the go, which is why you’re going to be incredibly confused by everything you’re feeling this week. The beginning of spring usually means a flurry of activity and non-stop events, but you’re going to find yourself wanting to…slow down? That’s Venus, popping in to kindly ask you to stop and smell the roses. Do it! Lean in to a week of quiet strolls and solo meals and generally acting like you’re on vacation in a small European village.


Believe it or not, Taurus, but you are allowed to change your mind. Many times, in fact. That’s kind of what growing up means—learning new information and adjusting your opinions to match it. This doesn’t make you wishy-washy, it makes you an informed adult. You have a very real tendency to stick to your guns, but this week you may realize your guns don’t really fit who you are anymore. That’s okay! Swap out those guns! Also, that was figurative! But if you have literal guns, feel free to drop those too!


This week you’re going to find yourself thinking of some big, wild, kind of scary but mostly exhilarating things, Gemini. Typically you’d push these thoughts to the side in favor of sticking to your meticulously crafted plan; you’d file them away under “one day” or “probably never.” Well guess what, bitch? Not today. Let yourself dwell on these ideas, and better yet, maybe even act on them. Venus is going to have you feeling adventurous, and you shouldn’t fight that. There’s a time for playing it safe (aka the rest of your life up until this moment). For the next few days, try being free instead.


You’ve been on a one-track course for the past few months, Cancer. You have a goal, you think it’s what you want, and you’re racing toward it without really taking a minute to look around and figure out if it’s what’s right. Just because something was your dream once doesn’t mean it still has to be. If there are other options floating your way, don’t disregard them just because they aren’t what you expected yourself to do. Take some time this week to reassess your priorities. If you’re still on track with your goals, that’s great! But don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board.


Things are looking intimate this week, Leo, on all fronts. Be it physical or emotional, you’ve got something to let out over the next couple days, and you should be ready for the rollercoaster that will ensue. You’re not one to shy away from adventure, so why start now? Immerse yourself in all that Venus has to offer, no questions asked. At the very least, it’ll be exhilarating. And at the most? Maybe you’ll learn something about yourself that you have yet to discover.


Guess what Venus means, Virgo? Love. But you already knew that, didn’t you? This week is primed for romance, and it’s been slowly moving from the back of your mind to smack dab front and center. Don’t fight it! Take extra time getting ready in the mornings. Try out new coffee shops that you walk by. Smile at strangers. In short, make yourself as open as possible to the idea of meeting someone. That positive energy won’t go to waste, and you might find yourself connecting with people you never expected.


It’s time to bring back our favorite phase, Libra: Treat. Yo. Self. But instead of binging on your favorite guilty pleasures, think of this as Treat Yo Self: Wellness Edition. Take extra good care of your mind and body this week, and don’t let things like budget or schedules interrupt that process. Luxuriate in extra-long showers with those fancy soaps and scrubs. Buy yourself that candle, even though you have like, four at home and they all smell pretty much the same. Splurge on the overpriced coffee if it’s going to make your morning that much better. Let yourself enjoy things this week, it’s as simple as that.


Feeling yourself, Scorpio? Hell yeah, you are. Venus is here and she wants you to get out there and flaunt your stuff. Never one to turn down an invitation, this week you may find yourself inundated with social requests. Be sure not to spread yourself to thin; rather, pick a few great events to fully commit to. Don’t hesitate to go full glam—this is a week for you to shine.


Time to throw caution to the wind, Sagittarius. Plotting and planning will only get you so far. Sometimes you just have to take that leap and trust that your preparation did at least some of the job. This week you’ll catch yourself feeling reckless and teetering on the edge of adventure. Well, jump on in there! There’s nothing like a little mayhem to rid yourself of the winter blues. (Disclaimer: please do not catastrophically ruin your life and then blame this horoscope).


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The arrival of Venus is going to have you retreating to the comforts of solitude, something you’ve earned after a few weeks of social exertion. There’s nothing like a few days in the comfort of your home, surrounded by the things you love, to refresh the spirit. Don’t hesitate to disconnect from all things social: turn off that phone, silence those notifications, and focus on recharging yourself. After this week you’ll be ready to take on spring, and all the joys it brings with it.


You are no stranger to creature comforts, Aquarius. There’s nothing quite like the sweet satisfaction of a little retail therapy, and this week will remind you of that simple joy. Spring is here, reminding you of all the things you let fall into disrepair over those dreary winter months: your wardrobe, your skin, your general sense of self. Well, this week, don’t be afraid to spend a little money to get yourself back to your back in the swing of things. There’s nothing wrong with shopping in moderation, as long as you know when to rein yourself in. But until you hit that point, get to spending, girl!


We're Talking About Me

This week is all about you, Pisces. You’ve spent the last few weeks laying low in favor of others, and it’s time to stop that sh*t ASAP. No one should ever make themselves less in order to appease others, but of all the signs, you should know that nothing good ever comes from dimming your light.  If someone can’t handle you at your full-tilt, emotions-on-high, energy-bursting self, they don’t deserve any part of you. Reclaim your sense of self this week, and surround yourself with the people who will love you for it.

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Mary Kate Fotch
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