Is Your Boyfriend a Basic Bro?

At this point we’ve all seen the greatness that is the “Basic Bitch” video. “But what about the mens?!?!?” screamed no one, probably. Regardless, Collegehumor put together this video, which will help many of you diagnose this nation’s most pressing medical issue since ebola: Is my boyfriend a basic bro?



It gets it more or less right, but could stand to be a little more on the nose. For instance, I own MULTIPLE iterations of that blue gingham/Nantucket red outfit, I’d do things with Emma Watson that are illegal in 40 states, and I’ll wear my backwards fitted to a goddamn funeral if I want to, thank you. But the other stuff? Any bro who talks about bacon, “man caves” or makes “sammich” jokes needs to go to his router and remove the “dad” filter that causes the internet to be delayed by 4 years.

How could the have made it better? What, to you, defines a “basic bro?” Let me know so I can either avoid or exacerbate said behaviors, depending on how much I’ve had to drink.


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