Is Natural Deodorant A Scam? I Tried 3 To See If They Work

I don’t know about you guys, but I was first introduced to the concept of natural deodorant from holistic wellness expert extraordinaire Kourtney Kardashian. At first, I thought this was just another one of Kourtney’s crazy health and wellness fads. Like, I’m out here wearing Dove prescription strength deodorant, how could anyone possibly survive with a natural deodorant? So, like most of you, I carried on with my super strong drugstore deodorant, chalking it up as another one of Kourtney’s delusional health crusades. Well, particularly in the past year or so, we’ve been bombarded with info about how bad these non-natural deodorants we’re using really are, and all the potentially harmful ingredients they contain. *Sigh.* Considering I’d like to live a long and happy life, I finally came to the decision to make the switch to natural deodorant. But doing so definitely hasn’t been easy. Here are the three most popular natural deodorants I’ve tried, and my honest experience with each.

Kopari Coconut Deodorant, $14

This natural deodorant by Kopari is hands down my fav. If you listen to podcasts (like legit any at all) you’ve heard the hosts rave about this product—and I’m here to vouch, it’s for good reason. This is a coconut deodorant that’s non-toxic and aluminum-free, with plant-based active for odor protection. The deodorant glides on smooth, smells fresh and nice, and contains lauric acid, which is antibacterial. It’s also an Allure “Best of Beauty” winner and personally, I only f*cks with winners, so this one’s my go-to.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant, $14

I love the warm, soft scent of this one (I tried the “pure vanilla” scent), and as one of the OG natural deodorants, you can trust it’s legit. It goes on smooth, and uses essential oils to fight odor while nourishing and soothing your underarms. This one is dermatologist-recommended and non-irritating, therefore if you tend to have sensitive skin, this is a great option. For me, though, it just wasn’t strong enough. Look, I sweat, okay? And with The Healthy Deodorant, I found myself having to apply it multiple times throughout the day. As an OG it’s good, but newcomer Kopari is more of what I need.

Megababe Rosy Pits Daily Deodorant, $18

I wanted so badly to love this one because I love its creator Katie Sturino, who is famous for bringing fashion to the forefront for women bigger than a size 2. Unfortunately, I didn’t love Megababe’s deodorant as much as I was hoping to. The scent of this deodorant is sort of musky and floral, similar to that of some old potpourri at your grandma’s house. (Disclaimer, I don’t love aggressively floral scents for myself, so I may have been biased to start.) This one lasted longer than The Healthy Deodorant, but I still needed to apply it more than once per day. I definitely felt my pits getting a little more wet with this one than with the other two. So, between the wetness and musky floral scent, this one was a no-go for me.

Overall, I didn’t hate any of these, and if you’re going to make the switch, I recommend trying a few out. Just because a certain one didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you! All of our bodies are different, and react differently to certain products and ingredients. So don’t be discouraged if my fav isn’t your fav. Look, not to bring it back to Vanderpump Rules (who am I kidding, I always bring it back there), but I loved season one Stassi, even when she was deemed the bitch of reality TV, and I also wasn’t initially a Lala fan, but now I’m her biggest stan. So what I’m trying to say is that, just like as long as you’re watching Vanderpump Rules, regardless of who your fav is, you’re doing it right. Similarly, as long as you’re making the switch to natural deodorants, whichever one works for you, you’re doing it right.

Images: @billiebodybrand / Unsplash; Sephora (2); Ulta
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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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