Is Katy Perry’s New Song A Fuck You To Taylor Swift? We Hope So

Look, I'm not one to spread rumors (p.s. that's what everyone says before they spread a fucking rumor) but it seems like Katy Perry is ready to get her head out of her fucking teenage dream and release a song about how shitty Taylor Swift is. So two pretty overrated pop-stars are having a song duel…. What a time to be alive.

The song is supposedly called 1984 which is obvi in reference to Tay's album 1989. Which like, we get it and all, but Katy just admitted to being kinda old. And I'm not an expert on age or anything but I did have a fake ID for 5 years so I know a thing or two. Maybe go with 1987? Because you just admitted you're like 30 years old and still wear bras with fucking cupcakes on them, and I just can't take you seriously.

As the whole world is aware, Tay and Katy are enemies because of some bullshit about Katy “stealing” Taylor's backup dancers. Does it really matter? You're a fucking gazillionaire. Are you really that upset that Katy stole Left Shark from you? Taylor acts like these dancers were valuable property and not PEOPLE WHO CHOSE TO DANCE WITH KATY PERRY SHAKE IT OFF TAYLOR.

Taylor: Well now we got bad blood

The rest of the world: WTF ARE U TALKING ABOUT?!

After making a song about her, which actually is one of the better songs Taylor has made, Swift released her army of skanks and irrelevant “Empire” actors on Perry in the music video for Bad Blood. It's all just a fucking idiotic mess with plot lines and “bad blood” that is as moronic as the “meanings” in your sorority ritual.

Can't wait for 1984 to come out, you old hag.


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