Is JoJo Fletcher's Clothing Line Worth It? Our Favorite Pieces

Bachelor Nation, brace yourselves. JoJo Fletcher came out with a clothing line, and it’s actually really cute. I mean, this shouldn’t really come as a shock considering she’s easily one of the more stylish Bachelorettes (which, given our current Bachelorette, isn’t saying much). And, with over 2 million followers on Instagram, this ex-Bachelorette clearly has some serious influence on her blindly devoted fans. The fan-favorite Bachelorette officially released her clothing line, Fletch, on June 14. Of course, all the really good shit is already sold out. In fact, half of the pieces on the site are either “coming soon” or only available for pre-order, which is annoying af. How can I fill my emotional voids with online shopping if I can’t even get the instant gratification of doing so??? Smh.

JoJo’s collection is feminine, flirty, and basically embodies everything about her. With nothing costing more than $150, the collection is very Reformation-meets-Forever 21 with florals, ruffles, and figure-flattering cuts. However, unlike Forever 21 where your clothes fall apart before you even get them home, JoJo says that her line has quality and is affordable. Classic JoJo, she’s so grounded and relatable!

Clearly, JoJo is a smart business woman because she really knows her audience and exactly how to sell to them. JoJo is the girl next door that you just can’t help but love (and would legit buy anything from). At the end of the day, Fletch is no trendsetting or groundbreaking collection, but it IS everything you need for summer.

Here are my must-have pieces from the collection so far:

1. Stella Bodycon Dress ($98)

This dress is sexy without trying too hard, and it’s perfect for a date night. The non-clubby length, sophisticated button detailing, and girly ruffle hem keep an otherwise slutty style classy. Not to mention the nude color is gorg—like, I could totally see Kim K wearing it to her next KKW beauty launch. (Well, maybe if the dress was like, 10 times more expensive, but you get my point.) Anyway, at $98, this dress is clearly a no-brainer.

2. Dallas Denim Cutoffs ($74)

These shorts are a summer staple and apparently a fave of Jordan Rodgers. Like, if that didn’t sell you enough, these shorts are high waisted, which pretty much guarantees they’ll be flattering. Not to mention the wash is super cute, and probs unlike the 500 other pairs of high waisted denim shorts you already own. Admittedly, $74 is kind of steep for denim shorts, but I’m not here to tell anybody how to live their lives.

3. Desert Mini Dress ($109)

This dress is basically the epitome of everything I imagine when I think of JoJo’s style. Trendy, floral, and sweet, this dress is a great option for a first date so that you look flirty and innocent. And, with all those Hinge matches, I know you’re in need of a go-to first date outfit this summer. 

4. Carson Floral Top (coming soon, $89)

This is my FAVORITE piece in the collection, and of course it’s not available until mid-July. UGH! This shirt looks super high-end and, with the one-shoulder-on-one-shoulder-off style, it looks different from every other floral off-the-shoulder top out there right now.

5. Hey Darlin’ Crop Tee ($34)

I love me a cropped tee for summer, and I love this one even more with its subtly sassy graphics. The front of the tee says “hey darlin'” and the back says “give ’em hell.” GASP! Did sweet sweet JoJo just curse? Damn, love her even more now. And at $34, this is one of the most realistic price points in the collection.

6. Rose Print Sundress ($98)

This is my other fave piece from the collection and again it’s listed with a vague “coming mid-July.” This dress is legit soooo beautiful and I could totally see myself wearing it everywhere and anywhere this summer. Ugh, realllllly making me practice some patience here, JoJo. I feel like I need to go meditate now or something, fuck.

7. Tulip Print Mini Dress ($129)

This dress is super feminine and legit looks so expensive. I’m vvv into the color and print, and for sure will be ordering this dress. Well, I can only “pre-order” it currently, so big thumbs down to that.

8. Abott White Jumpsuit (Coming Soon)

You know that whole “day-to-night look” philosophy we all buy into? Well, this jumpsuit is perfect for that. Throw on a jacket and you could totally pull off this look for the office. Then, once 5pm hits, just whip that jacket off and start pounding tequila shots because you’re nighttime ready!

Tbh, I really wasn’t expecting to love Fletch as much as I do. It’s not the cheapest clothing you can find, but if the quality really is as good as JoJo says, it could be a good investment. It’s obvious that JoJo has some real talent, or at least a really good team helping her make it look like she does. Either way, hats off to you, JoJo. You’re one of the elite few who made it out of the Bachelor franchise unscathed and with a flourishing career because of it. No more Tiny Tummy Tea or DiffEyewear posts for you!

Images: Giphy; Fletch (9)

Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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