Is It Okay To Keep Jewelry From My Ex? Dear Betch…

Dear Betches,

I broke up with my boyfriend about three months ago. We were together for over a year and are contributing members of society, so we exchanged some nice gifts. While I’ve gotten rid of the wine glasses we got wine tasting together and other things that specifically hold “memories”, I still want to wear the jewelry he gave me. This is for two reasons: first, for some reason, the jewelry doesn’t carry the emotional weight that those other, cheaper things do; and, second, because the jewelry is nice as fuck. Is it weird that I still want to wear it? I mean, I’m sure he still wears the Boss sweater I got him for Christmas (not that I know or care)-so isn’t it the same if I wear the Tiffany bracelet he got me?


I feel like I should have feelings but I don't

Dear Refreshingly Sane Person,

I might catch some flak for this but luckily you asked me and not any of the people who regularly comment on this site. I def don’t think it’s breaking some “rule” to wear the jewelry your ex gave you. Like, he gave it to you, for keepsies, so what's the problem? It would be one thing if it were an engagement ring (maybe, depending on who you ask), but if putting on that bracelet doesn’t make you slap on your graduation goggles and put on a Taylor Swift song, then who the fuck cares? Free shit is free shit, especially if it’s expensive. It says a lot about you that you have more memories with a wine glass than you do with a bracelet, and I can fuck with that.

Keep on fighting the good fight,

The Betches

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