Is It Okay To Hook Up With A Married Pro? Dear Betch

Dear Betch,

I've found myself in quite the predicament and need to make sure I'm not going to Betch hell.

Ok so to cut to the chase, I met this really cute guy, aka “Hot Brian,” at a night out with some friends, and we hit it off immediately. He was flirting with me all night, so obvi we exchanged numbers and enjoyed a BOMO (Blackout Makeout) outside of the bar. It wasn't until after I left with my friends that they informed me of the wedding ring that had apparently been on his hand the whole time!

So now he's been texting me to hang out soon, and I've been texting him back because he was so much fun, and ultimately, I don't owe anything to some wife I don't know, right? I mean, I'm not necessarily trying to steal anyone's man away, but I'm fairly open to having a fun fling for the summer.

Am I crazy for even entertaining this? Is it really that bad if it stays light and fun and no one finds out?


Potential Mistress

Dear Potential Mistress,

We’re all for thinking about ourselves and not caring, but we need to warn you on this one. Any guy who's a big enough douchebag to cheat on his wife while WEARING his wedding ring clearly doesn’t care about anyone and isn't even putting in the minimal effort to try and hide the fact that he's married. In the long run, any guy who would cheat on his wife would cheat on you, too, so what's the point of getting involved with someone who shows you right off the bat that he's going to treat you like Meg Griffin?

It's one thing to hook up with a guy when you don't know he's married, but when you do you're opening yourself up for serious negative consequences for everyone involved. A true betch can get her own boyfriend and doesn’t belong on the back burner. Delete his number and don’t look back.


The Betches


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