Is it Okay to Have Sex with My Best Friend’s Ex Hook-Up? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

So I have created quite a predicament for myself, but I feel most betches usually find themselves in a similar situation at some point. A pro that used to casually hookup with my best friend last summer has been blowing up my phone. But I kind of like it. Actually, let’s get real, I really like it.

And although I would normally want to pursue this with him, my best friend and her word vom that “she’ll always have something for him” is holding me back. The thing is, I know he’s into me and has been even before they started hooking up, I was just previously denying him. Do I go for him? Or hold back and follow the ‘girl code’.


Potential ex-bestfriend

Dear Potential Ex-Best Friend

I’m gonna go ahead and give you a solid back-the-fuck-off on this one. As a betch, there should be a ton of guys from all around trying to hook up with you. I’ll assume since your friend said she’ll always have a thing for him that he stopped wanting to hook up with her.

Your desire to hook up with someone that hurt your BEST friend and whom she obviously still has feelings for reeks of desperation that no one else worthwhile is really into you right now or else why would you even consider it? Your willingness to even entertain the thought of hooking up with someone despite knowing it would crush your BFF for the sole reason that he’s texting you a bit is gross. You’re certainly not someone I’d want in my bestie circle. That’s like the rules of feminism. 

Find a guy who wants to fuck you that didn’t used to fuck your best friend. 


The Betches

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