Is Giving The Finger a Legit Way To Fight? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

I have a quick question- is it ever betchy to give someone the finger? Last weekend I was at the same party as the girl who's fucking my ex pro (in-training) and I was tempted… luckily I managed to fight the urge and stick with the always reliable death glares and shit talking. I managed to make her night uncomfortable, but I was wondering if flipping the bird would have been too blunt? I want to make it clear that I don't give a shit about her or the fact that she's into my sloppy seconds, but she should know that what she did (hooking up with him and giving him head a week after we broke up) was desperate and whoreish. How do I show her this without looking like i'm from the Jersey Shore?


Passive Aggressive Betch

Dear Actually Aggressive Betch,

You need to chill out. As far as I can see, this girl did nothing wrong. She hooked up with your ex AFTER you broke up with him so it looks more desperate and weird for you to be aggressively angry at someone for no legitimate reason than for her to hook up with a newly single guy. This girl isn't friends or even friendly with you, she doesn't owe you anything. 

Obviously no one is going to like the girl that hooks up with a guy they still have feelings for after they break up but that's your issue, not hers. The power move is to pretend you don't give a shit/even know who she is and if anything, be really fake nice to her if you happen to encounter her. As I've said before, nothing says winning like not giving a fuck. If you were a real betch you wouldn't even know/care about her existence, not endlessly scheme about lame ways put her in her place. Any kind of aggressive act by you looks desperate and lame. Worst of all, it shows that you care. Also, I can't think of a tackier way to confront someone than giving them the finger.

Grow up,

The Betches


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