Is Disney’s Newest Princess A Betch?

This week Disney announced the name and gave some deets about their newest princess, set to make her debut on screen in late 2016.

Moana is Polynesian, encouraging everyone to calm the eff down about Disney being racist. Jury is still out on if she’s actually a betch or not but here are some of her betchy pros and cons so you
can decide for yourself. 


  1. She has really amazing hair that looks totally awesome and effortless.
  2. She’s really great at sailing, which seems like a pretty elitist activity and something a betch could be interested in.
  3. She rocks a crop top.
  4. She spends all of her time on the beach and is friends with The Rock. (Okay not technically Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson himself, but he is the voice of the character Moana hangs out with.)



  1. Her best friends are a pig named Pua and a hen named Hei Hei. Maybe if she was buds with a tea-cup pig and a bunny we could consider it betchy, but the farm animal friends seem pretty sketch, not to mention smelly.
  2. We have to listen to The Rock sing in this movie. That can’t be good, can it?

And those are pretty much all the details we have about Moana so far. If Disney is half as successful with Moana’s movie as they were with Frozen, we can all be sure we’ll want to claw out our eardrums with some “Let It Go”-esque hit come 2016.


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