Is CBD Lube Legit?

Did you know that bringing plants into the bedroom can promote intense orgasms, get you high ~down low~, and relieve pain, tension, and anxiety associated with penetrative sex for those with PCOS and endometriosis? No, we’re not talking about classic house plants like aloe vera or philodendron. We’re referring to CBD lube. Wait, what’s CBD lube? Allow us to inform you! We spoke with Foria Wellness’s sex expert and director of education, Kiana Reeves, to get you the inside scoop on cannabis-based personal lubricants, including the pros and potential cons of using them, what to consider before trying them, and how to analyze product ingredients and packaging to make sure you’re putting high-quality CBD in and around your most sensitive parts. Welcome to your intro guide to CBD lube.

Health Benefits & Other Perks

Let’s kick things off with a basic sex ed lesson that our 8th grade health teachers definitely didn’t touch upon. We already know that lube supplements our body’s natural lubrication to make sex and masturbation feel better, but what are the advantages of using a cannabis-based lubricant? Like, what’s the point of spending your hard-earned cash on CBD lube instead of using that old bottle of generic drugstore lube that’s been sitting in your nightstand drawer for two years? 

“The [main] benefit is heightened arousal, which means heightened lubrication and sensation,” says Reeves. “A large percentage of our customers report having better orgasms and deeper pleasure both with their partners and when used solo.” So it helps you feel better and cum more during sex? This sh*t is basically magic.

Other benefits to CBD lube include stronger orgasms, pain and tension relief, reduced vaginal dryness, decreased anxiety or stress, heightened arousal, amplified sensations, and more.

How do you actually use weed lube? Marination is a weird word, so I refuse to say it, but there IS a time period involved with how quickly these products take to “work.” To feel the full effect, massage it onto the labia or apply internally into the vagina about 10-30 minutes before sex. BUTT wait, what about anal play? Yup, it can be used for butt stuff too! According to Reeves, “Taking a cannabis or hemp suppository rectally can have an effect on sensation and arousal, since this area is a major highway for blood vessels and nerves that feed the entire pelvis.” 

Are There Any Scary Side Effects?

Are there dangers, risks, or precautions of using CBD lube to keep in mind? Like, what’s the downside to using this amazing plant-based creation? Can we die??? 

Some side effects *COULD* include temporary low blood pressure, light-headedness, drowsiness, dry mouth, or fear that your vulva is too numb and/or going to fall off (I paraphrase slightly from medical journals for that last one). But these side effects are more likely to occur from using CBD pens and oils (except the last one). “CBD is incredibly well tolerated. Most people using commercial CBD products consume no more than 100mg a day. Studies have used doses of over 1,000mg per day with no problem,” says Reeves. 

Soooo the good news here is that you can’t overdose or die from CBD, especially in lube form. It basically boils down to how much you’re using, how potent the product is, and in what form you’re taking it. Just play around with different lubes at varying strengths until you find what works for you. 

How Do You Choose The Best Stuff? 

“The CBD market is a jungle right now, with a lot of snake oil, cost-cutting, and deceptive labeling. Spot checks have shown that some products out there don’t even have any CBD in them, and the cheapest products are often sourced from countries with very different purity standards, so you see heavy metals and pesticides in some of them,” says Reeves. 

HOWEVER, there are key ingredients, packaging, copy, and labels that immediately signal you to GTFO or sign TF up. Pay attention to whether there are pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, or other nasty ingredients you can’t pronounce that might f*ck up your PH level or promote the unhealthy growth of bacteria down there. If your body doesn’t react well to coconut oil-based lubricants, you’ll probably want to opt for a water-based product instead.

Reeves recommends buying from brands committed to transparency and purity, especially ones that openly share test results for all claims about what goes into their products. If you’re considering purchasing from a brand that doesn’t disclose product contents or offer official third-party testing/lab results, run out of that store or X out of that website ASAP and go find a company that does.

Wait, Is CBD Lube Even Legal? 

YES! Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. Hemp-derived CBD does NOT fall under the Controlled Substances Act and is legal to use and sell in sexual wellness, skin care, pain relief, and all other products. Hi, Long Island coffee shops, please start serving CBD lattes. My anxiety needs it.

What Else Should You Consider?

Concerned Oprah

So many CBD lube questions and not enough time. In a nutshell, here are some other things to consider before you try a cannabis-based personal lubricant by yourself or with a partner:

  • CBD lube is non-psychoactive, which means it won’t get you high even if you eat it.
  • If you use a THC-infused CBD lube and ingest it orally, you will get high. Duh.
  • Always, always, always check ingredients before you buy or use a new CBD lube. The same products that work for your friend might not work for you too.
  • Coconut oil-based CBD lubes SHOULD NOT be used with latex condoms. They will break. Use water-based CBD lube with latex condoms instead.
  • People with vulvas and vaginas will receive the benefits associated with CBD lube way more than people with penises, but it’s still a good time for everybody!

CBD Lubes To Try

Okay, so you’re interested in enjoying penetrative sex and having stronger orgasms. Cheers. Same. Now what? Which brands can you try, and where can you get them?

You can shop for CBD lube by walking into a local dispensary if you’re lucky enough to live near one, ordering from a reputable brand online, or asking your partner to be a lovely human being and buy it for you. 

Too lazy to do the research? I gotchu. Here are three awesome CBD lubes to try:

Awaken Arousal Oil By Foria

Foria’s Awaken broad-spectrum CBD oil is made up of nine plant-based aphrodisiacs and no THC. Made with natural, organic, and vegan ingredients, it’s designed to relieve people of tension and discomfort that occurs from penetrative sex and promote longer, more intense orgasms. NOTE: This lubricant is NOT safe to use with latex condoms. 

Ignite CBD Lube By Kush Queen

This 30mg CBD lube by Kush Queen (best brand name ever) is water-based, body-safe, and highly absorbent. Their CBD particles are 2,000 times smaller than your body’s pores, which means they penetrate into the skin and bloodstream so you start feeling its magical effects right away. NOTE: This lubricant CAN be used with latex condoms.

Privy Peach CBD-Infused Intimate Oil

Privy Peach’s 25mg CBD lube isn’t liquid in its OG state. It’s actually more solid compared to other brands, but it melts super fast once massaged onto the body. This product cuts down friction and promotes more sensational, enjoyable sex for both (or all) partners involved. NOTE: This lubricant is NOT safe to use with latex condoms. 

REMINDER: Please check with your healthcare provider to make sure you don’t have any allergies to the ingredients listed within these personal lubricant products before trying them on yourself or with someone else. CBD lubes should be fun and make you feel good—not cause pain or an allergic reaction. Now go enjoy those better, stronger, longer CBD Os!

Images: Kush Queen (2); Privy Peach; Foria Wellness; Giphy; _TannerLopez / Twitter

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