Ireland Accidentally Legalizes Ecstasy, Crystal Meth, And Mushrooms

So Ireland majorly fucked up, and now ecstasy, crystal meth, and mushrooms are legal for 48 hours – shout out to all the Irish betches tripping balls tonight. Basically some guy was arrested for possession of crystal meth in 2010, but his lawyers are saying that the Irish legislature never actually passed the law making those types drugs illegal. An appeals court ruled that it was unconstitutional to add those drugs to the illegal substances list, so now it's legal to possess ecstasy, benzodiazepines , and any psychoactive substance.

Obvi the Irish legislature is going to pass a new law that does make them illegal, but they won't meet until tomorrow and the new law won't be enforced for 24 hours after it's passed. So Ireland is a like a hybrid version of Project X meets The Purge. Btw, it only takes 5 hours to fly to Dublin from New York.




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