Inventor Creates A Sex Robot That You Can Dirty Talk To

A sex doll company called RealDoll is working on an artificial intelligence technology to make their silicon sex dolls even creepier.  The dolls they sell are life size sex dolls made of silicon, that are apparently very realistic and anatomically correct.  But just humping a pile of squishy painted robot girl isn’t enough for some, so they’ve now added A.I. to the doll so that you can have a “connection” with your doll before you bang her.

Basically, this company has created Femmebots.  Without the shooting nipples, at least for now. The video on New York Times is real creepy, especially when they show her tongue and it looks like a real tongue moving around. If this doll will help guys get better at conversation, then maybe it’s not such a bad thing, who knows? They do cost $10,000 each though, and with that kind of money lying around, we’d imagine you’d have to be really bad at social cues if you aren’t having regular human sex. That or you’re just into some weird shit, but we’re not judging.

Creepy as it is, the technology is pretty impressive. It makes us wonder what else it could be applied to. Maybe a Robot Dad or a Robot Boyfriend that asks you about your day and actually listens?


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