Introducing the First Real Housewives Parody: The Hotwives Of Orlando

If you're like any normal Bravo binge watcher, you've had a love-hate relationship with the Real Housewives since day one. Who doesn't love watching those psychos flip tables and go on forced vacations together? I certainly do, and clearly the people at Hulu agree that the world needs more housewives. But this time it comes in the form of the Hotwives.. of Orlando.

The first episode of this parody introduces the ladies, shows their disgusting McMansions and various psychotic issues. Obviously there's an alcoholic, broke shopoholic, British sexual nightmare, and a woman dating some old, half-dead dude. Then they all gather for a “charity event” to give dogs high heels, which is too stupid to be funny but whatever. Basically Casey Wilson carries the whole thing as Tawny whose husband is (not actually) dying and walks around screaming “TONIGHT IS MINE” and “I DON'T WANT THE DRAMA” which is more or less your average RHOC episode.

The real winner here is Antione, party planner to the Orlando stars. “This is Orlando, you go big or you go back to Kissimmee. Do you think when I was planning Hulk and Linda's divorce party that we decided to go subtle? NO the answer is NO god damn it.

I have a few things to say about this show. First, finally someone is parodying those attention-crazed she-wolves. It's about fucking time. Second, Orlando is disgusting and I'm surprised it hadn't already been occupied by the real Real Housewives. And third, the show needs to be better. The housewives provide enough material for an entire parody episode in half a minute of their show.

Hotwives has its moments, and you'll definitely laugh but half the time the jokes are obvious and lame. Like no shit two-head Teresa Guidice is fucking crazy, but don't do a watered down impersonation of the gui-devil because I'd rather watch the real one. One up her, Hulu-plus, please.



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