Introducing Photoshop Fail Of The Week

Due to your love of Photoshop fails, we’ve decided to give you a WEEKLY Photoshop fail analysis by yours truly. Fo’ free. You’re welcome. I’m so proud to be able to contribute so much to society. That said, I was on the lookout this week for some new, f*cked up images, and I was like, “you know what? I’ve really been dragging Khloé Kardashian lately, I’m going to stay away from her.” She is actually my favorite out of all of the Kardashians, and I am 100% Team Khloé in the Tristan/Jordyn scandal. But like. Who isn’t? It’s very clear who f*cked up in that situation. That said, I was really, really planning on giving Khloé a break.

But then I saw this.

And. I just cannot let this one slide. Khloé, please, for the love of God, stop giving me material. Did you do this one yourself or did you pay someone for this? Because if so, slide into my DMs. I will edit your photos PERSONALLY.

Time for our favorite game, class. What is wrong with this photo?

Well, to begin with, it’s a totally gorgeous photo of the most relatable Kardashian sister. Apparently her look is inspired by Diana Ross and some people are screaming cultural appropriation, but I’m a white, privileged half-Jew (but on my mother’s side, so fully Jewish where it counts), so I can’t really comment on that. However, we definitely did learned that was not okay from RHONY, right, Luann?

Anyway, back to Khloé’s photo. She definitely edited the lighting, putting the pink fuzzy haze all over. The floor looks a bit warped but not too bad, that could have just been the angle of the camera. Her face has a ton of makeup on and is also super smoothed out like a plastic doll, so definitely some editing there. Again, a little overboard IMO, but pretty typical.

But then.

Hey Khlo.

What are you doing.

Are you. Are you okay?

Guys. Let’s crowdfund to get the Kardashians into an elementary level anatomy class. How many fingers do we have on each hand, children?

I honestly don’t understand how Khloé even did this, tbh. In an attempt to shrink her thighs, she must have used the stamp tool to move her hands over. Which. Is not how that works. Also, you can see, her thigh on her left side is a complete lumpy mess (yet again). I can’t believe she did it on both sides and was like, “this looks great! No one will notice I turned into a misshapen claw monster.”

The correct thing to do would be to accept your thighs and stop messing with your body for absolutely zero reason. She is in great shape! Let it go! But if you must Photoshop, you never, ever stamp entire limbs. Stamping works if you are covering something small, like texture or acne or something, so you stamp clear skin over the problem spot and it’s seamless. She should have left her hands completely alone, duplicated the layer, moved the background in to conceal part of her thighs, and erased the hands out so they’re in the original position. And that, my friends, is the difference between an amateur and an expert.

Or like, the difference between someone who knows how many fingers are on a hand and a Kardashian. So really, a kindergartner and a Kardashian. Also, can we have a moment to cry that women would rather be seen with 9 fingered claw hands than with slightly larger thighs? More unrealistic expectations for women, yet again!

Khloé, I can assure you, the original photo looked much better than the scary monster hands. You’re not good at this, so please just stop.

What other Photoshop articles would you like to see? Do you want tutorials on how to do Photoshop correctly? Should I fix some of these Photoshop fails for them? Do you need a basic anatomy course because you were also unaware that we have 5 fingers on each hand, not 9? Have you seen a Photoshop fail that you want me to write about? LMK. See you next week!

Images: khloekardashian, countessluann / Instagram; Giphy

Holly Hammond
Holly Hammond
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